Investment Process


This is where we are introduced to the business over a casual meeting between our respective teams. The objective of these meetings are usually to ascertain whether you will meet our investment criteria and mandate and mutually agree on a way forward.


This is when you submit all your financials, forecasts, performance and all the other information that can help us make a decision. We review all the information and come up with our questions.

Follow Up Meetings

If we think that the opportunity is suited to our fund and risk appetite, we’ll invite you to answer our questions and further discuss how we would like to pursue the opportunity.

Due Diligence

This is when we engage to get a more detailed insight in your business, what the scope for growth is, what the bottlenecks are and where we can add value to your operations. This is usually a process, and our origination and execution team is hands on in evaluating the opportunity.

Setting The Terms

Once we arrive at the insights that we seek, we propose the terms of investment. Upon providing the term sheet, you are expected to revert with your decision and thereafter we decide how to proceed.

Taking the Decision

This is penultimate, our partner companies can either move forward to conclude the transaction or disengage.

Legal Documentation

This is where the legal documentation commences and upon completion of all the required formalities, we become part of your journey.