Group Companies

IJARA Holdings (Private) Limited

IJARA Holdings (Private) Limited is an Investment holding company of the Group.

IJARA Capital Partners Limited

IJARA Capital Partners Limited is a pioneer private equity investment firm in Pakistan. It seeks to create positive economic impact and long-term value for its investors, the companies it invests in, and the communities in which it works. The firm was founded and began its operations in 2016.

IJARA Capital Partners Limited invests in both performing and underperforming businesses that exhibit potential for revitalization, operational performance improvement, and growth. The management team specializes in turning around complex operations with adequate control to generate meaningful risk adjusted returns for its investors.


Wellinnova Life Sciences (Pvt) Limited

Wellinova Life Sciences (Pvt) Limited was established in 2016, which acquired Opal Laboratories in February 2017. Opal Laboratories has been in operations since 1950. The principal activity of the company is divided into three segments i.e. Manufacturing & Sales, Toll Manufacturing and Client Services. It is currently involved in the production of Sterile Products, Tablets, Dry Powder, Granules, Encapsulated Formulation, Liquid Oral and Creams. A new state-of-art Nutraceutical Facility has also started its operations in July 2016.


Al-Tadamon Modarba Limited

Al-Tadamon Modarba Limited was acquired in 2012 with the objective to expand operations into Islamic Financial Products which would be interest-free. The aim is to promote the socio-economic well-being of the country through aligning with the Shariah laws.