Real estate projects ICPL LAUNCHES

Real estate projects: ICPL launches ‘Tameer Fund’

Published: 09 Feb, 2022

By: Business Recorder


ISLAMABAD: IJARA Capital Partners Limited (ICPL) has launched the first of its kind Private Equity Fund under a Limited Liability Partnership (LLP) structure for investments in real estate projects all across Pakistan.

The Fund shall be called “Tameer Fund” (the “Fund”) with a size of Rs 5 billion. Tameer Fund will invest in a broad range of real estate and infrastructure projects which will help to provide liquidity to the real estate sector by primarily extending investments by way of bridge funding for land acquisition, project development and joint ventures.

Tameer Fund will also contribute to introducing construction and real estate best practices from all over the world in addition to bringing corporate regularization, formal documentation, and corporate governance to a largely informal sector in Pakistan.


On the occasion of launching of new Private Equity Fund, Farrukh Ansari, CEO IJARA Capital Partners Limited informed said that being a pioneer of private equity in Pakistan, we feel that the property sector lacks sophistication and access as far as private sector is concerned.

Tameer Fund will be a game changer for the private equity and property markets in Pakistan, providing a structure and purpose to the key stakeholders and the ecosystem including creation of new jobs and attracting fresh FDIs, Farrukh Ansari added.

IJARA Capital Partners Limited (ICPL) is a private equity & venture capital fund management company of IJARA Group. The management of IJARA has a tremendous track record of turning around companies in Healthcare and FMCG sectors and aims to continue its legacy of success in real estate sector as well.