Haroon Askari

Haroon Askari

  • Member Advisory Board


Mr. Askari is an experienced financial markets executive, having 30 years of experience across various fields of businesses including financial markets, real-estate, trading and media. Mr. Askari was associated with companies which have driven to its higher levels of success in its field.

He had also been associated with Pakistan Stock Exchange (formerly Karachi Stock Exchange) since Dec 2005 and retired from the position of  Managing Director in January 2018. Mr. Askari has contributed in the development of Pakistan’s Stock Market in all respects including formulation of securities markets regulations, risk management, derivative markets and new financial products besides, handling the exchange related affairs of listed companies and issues related with the companies which are interested in getting themselves listed on the Exchange.

He remained on the Board of Pakistan Stock Exchange 2017/18; Central Depositary Company of Pakistan 2010; National Clearing Company of Pakistan 2010 -12 & 2017-18; JCR-VIS rating company 2017-18; Institute of Financial Market of Pakistan 2017-18.

He is a Science Graduate from DJ Science College, Karachi and has also completed Post-Graduation Diploma in Business Administration from the Institute of Business Administration, Karachi.